Find the Fiji Experience Which Makes You Happy

TravelThere was a moment this morning, on swimming a length at my local pool, in which my mind pulled its attention away from the location, engaging me with a desire to swim in warm tropical waters once again – half way around the world in the South Pacific.

It reminded me of how I love to travel and the joy it has been and led me to thinking about our visit to Fiji. Blessed with 333 tropical islands. It was the perfect warm pick me up after a brisk, cold winter New Zealand stay.


Fiji held my interest for many different reasons. Least of all the bombay potato wraps which I loved, when bought at a Petrol station as we drove across the island to snack on. Both  cheap and plentiful. Or the dhal and rice which became a staple of my diet during the visit in the dusty high streets of the towns.

For some reason whilst here – I placed my trust in a large Fijian woman, who was a travel agent. Her name-Louise. I couldn’t say we connected or bonded. Yet I think there was some mutual interest there, as she sent taxi’s for me time and again, so she could arrange our next destination visit. I normally sorted all accommodation and transport out myself but here, for some reason I was willing to let her help me.


From Nananu-I-Ra to Nacula in the Yassawas. This experience of island living was at times both interesting and odd. Riding the bus to Rakiraka and engaging with the bus conductor, whose cousin happened to be a taxi driver who could take us to the jetty was interesting and fun. Encountering the New Zealand Airline Pilot on Nananau-I-Ra, who questioned Vince and my method of parenting. When he himself didn’t even have children. Taught me how tolerant I could be and how it was my choice whether or not  to be blunt and put someone in their place with their rudeness or decide to educate them on family differences when they didn’t understand.


Island living on the Yassawas showed me poverty could be caused by mind set and the water reminded me how much I love to swim and be in it as much as possible.


Our damp weather must be pulling at my heart strings – wanting me to rid myself of the aches in my knees and the curl in my hair, as the mist kisses it softly, whilst swirling around me. I begin to think of a white sand beach or a nature trek. Although small in size. There is so much to see and do.  Fiji is sometimes known as the ‘soft coral capital of the world.’ Diving and snorkeling were definitely our favourites. We only touched the surface when we were there. So much more to see and experience!

Would you like to get away from it all?


Whose with me. Who’d like to come?

Let’s go…



3 thoughts on “Find the Fiji Experience Which Makes You Happy

    1. My husband dived at Beqa Lagoon. At the time I didn’t feel courageous enough to do the shark dive. Now I’d love the opportunity ( with a few u scary dives under my belt of course!)


      1. The Beqa shark feeding dive is truly extraordinary! I hope you get a chance to do it one day, janstring 😊😊😊


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