How About Eating Decadent Marshmallows on a Cold Autumn Evening

The MarshmallowistsToday has been the first cold day of autumn in my home town of Southend on Sea and I found myself de-icing the car and breathing in deeply, the cold crisp air on my morning constitutional.

What it also allowed me to think about is food and my favourite is all different kinds of street food!

Yum, hot chocolate topped with decadent marshmallows, warming up a cold autumn evening, cooked and served up by a french trained Patissiére & Chocolatier.

The Marshmallowist says, “Our Gourmet Hot Chocolate Kit contains: Our signature dark chocolate shards, 4 x seasonal marshmallows and a design led mug. This year we are very excited to be teaming up with Le Creuset. These kits will be available on pre order from Mid November and always sell out very quickly.”

The Marshmallowist

The face of Owner Oonagh Simms immediately popped into my head and with the outdoor Christmas at Kew Gardens event coming ever closer – starting on 26th November. There is an opportunity to get on down and try them for yourself. Or if you prefer you can nip along to Harvey Nichols in Knightsbridge to buy your little square of heaven there. 

I’ve been reminding myself of the wonderful flavours available:

Blueberry and Portobello Road Gin,

Raspberry and Champagne – On christmas morning as a special treat might be nice.


Mango and Sweet Orange

The Marshmallowists

What flavour would you like to try?


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