Do You Know the Countries and Capitals of Australia and Oceania

Thought I’d ask!

Do You know the Countries & Capitals of Australia and Oceania? does and as soon as I looked at their infographic online, it immediately transported me back to childhood and how I would study the flags so I could guess which country they belonged to. I prided myself on remembering many of them but now it is only the easiest that come to mind.

Of course, as soon as I start looking at this, my travel bug begins  to itch, reminding me how I would like to step out of society and climb aboard one of those magnificent jumbos and make my way straight to the other side of the world.


The last time we visited, we flew with Emirates and Qantas. I’d been scared of flying up until now and our outward journey from Dubai to Australia with Qantas had my energy building as this vast continent welcomed us with the most stunning sunrise, which left me smiling all over my face.

On our homeward journey. The leg from Dubai to the UK, it seemed we flew incredibly low. I stood at the back of the plane, in the darkness talking to an English Care Worker, whose son had visited down under and decided to stay. Every year she saved her pennies to enable her to visit him – so strong was her love. It had given her a new lease of life outside of the english armchair and a purpose to motivate. We stood together, silently at times observing the lights of little towns and cities as we flew above and for the first time in my life, I was no longer frightened – somehow, this flight had managed, in the way the plane was flown, turbulence encountered and attitude of the air stewards, along with my internal changes brought about by my travels to allow me to relax. As Vince and Chloe slept, I made the most of the journey, something which I always do whether travelling by train, plane and automobile – none of my travels do I want to sleep through!

Which of the facts was new to you?


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