How to Gut a Squid on a 48 Hour Food Fest in Barcelona

Learning how to gut and cook a squid, is one of the most memorable and interesting culinary conquests I experienced, whilst on my dining evening with Yves-the Social Cook, booked through BonAppetour the online Social Platform connecting both myself and – the north american hospitality website – to this fantastic cookery lesson.


Have you ever wanted to try squid and felt a little afraid by this weird looking sea creature?

How to Gut a Squid

I have, but on this evening, learning to gut & cook it, then the next day being out and about with Victoria Martinez of Barceona Shopping Scouts, on my personalised tour of Barcelona to experience further sea food delicacies – told me I could manage this at home!

I have previously eaten and enjoyed the delicious taste of tapas in Ibiza and during my road-trip which I took in 2012, with my husband and daughter along the coast of mainland Spain. I was also lucky enough to come face to face with an octopus, whist scuba diving off the beaches of Moraira. (at this point I would like to say I do prefer marine creatures alive but am not adverse to trying out new dishes)


and the fabulous food market close to Casa Maca Guesthouse – where I chose to stay for the duration – made me want to come again -book up somewhere to spend time food shopping and cooking a little more of what was on offer!

Although you might think this quite icky – I actually found cleaning and preparing the squid really interesting and I think you could let your kids get involved with this before dinner. An interactive way of including your children when road-schooling or living in community. If you scuba dive you can go from the experiential discovery of diving with squid-learning with the children about its marine environment –  hunting nature – food chain – right through to how it is fished, prepared, cooked and ends up on the table. If you can think it – you can teach it!

Instructions on How to Gut a Squid:

I took my squid over to the sink. One bowl was for the parts of the squid ready to cook, another bowl for the parts to throw away. It can be a bit tricky at first but stick with it. The more you do – the easier it gets.

  1. The first thing I did was to cut off the head. Smoothing the tentacles up into a bunch – because the squid we were using were small – I cut off the head with a pair of scissors.
  2. Then I felt inside the squid body for the quill. It’s weird – looks like a bit of plastic. The squid version of a skeleton.
  3. Then you pull out the internal organs – which sounds grosser than it is! and remove the thin layer of filmy membrane and cut off the fins.
  4. Rinse the squid body in cold water. Inside and out.
  5. Turn the head inside out so that the squid beak pokes out, then just pop it out.

The squid we ate was then partially fried in olive oil in a pan – before being stuffed with meat sauce. Closed with cocktail sticks and finished off in the oven.

From the mountains and the sea…

The next day I enjoyed the delicacy of squid rings – eaten at Casa Mari y Rufo in the heart of Barcelona. This time the squid rings were simply fried in olive oil and garlic. What fish food would you like to try on your travels?


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