“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.” Robin Williams

Robin Williams death has once again connected me with the world. As my heart goes out to his family, his personal assistant who found him dead and to Mr Williams himself. I could feel the ache of my heart at their loss. I cannot and do not know why and for what reason his end came about. I can speculate about it being his choice, think maybe he was so lost in depression or contemplate his feeling at peace for making the decision to end his pain. But I do not know ,as I did not know him and I find it interesting that someone, so many of us did not know personally – only through the silver screen – can touch so many lives.

The clip above is one of the grandest examples of human emotional sharing, I’ve ever seen in a movie and it was with deep contemplation, I thought about writing this post. I said to my Hubby Vince – “but I’m doing Paris Week?”

“So What.” He said to me. “Write it anyway.”

When I was training to become a Counsellor, I watched the movie Good Will Hunting and Robin Williams portrayal of a therapist working with his client. Although I knew this was only a movie, the depth of character Robin Williams brought to the role touched me immensely. Letting me know how I wanted to work with the Clients I saw – how I wanted to be – in relationship and helped me realise an important factor of being in relationships in our lives. Being real with the people you love is important, yet allows for vulnerability.

As I was growing up, I watched Mr Williams on tv in Mork and Mindy. Loving the zany humour his character brought into my world and the saying the show came up with -“Shazbot nanu nanu” which still makes me smile today.

As a Mother and a parent – his role in Mrs Doubtfire – is tied neatly in with the upbringing of my children – as one of our favourite Sunday afternoon, family time movies. The way in which he could move you from laughter to tears in a moment, was genius and the pain which would come through him and out of the screen from his eyes-astounding. Only he could have played the adult Peter Pan.

In Patch Adams – Robin Williams once again reminded me:

” The unencumbered practice of care, is an ecstatic experience worth paying to do.”

He reminded me of the joy in being a person, whom has the privilege to develop, nurture, grow and parent her children. The importance of the role and what care truly means.

As I grow older, I find it interesting as I watch these people, whom I have grown up with and been a part of my life in a way, begin to die – in many ways. From old age, illness, disease or suicide.

It reminds me of my mortality, the briefness of our existence – the finite experience of our relationships- the importance of showing you care and showing up in our own lives. Getting to know ourselves and others, embracing both laughter and pain. Happiness and sadness. Intertwining them to create holistic living.

Robin Williams the man, may be dead. But his legacy of laughter shall live on, in all of us whom it has touched.


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