5 Aquariums to Visit in the USA

1&2 – Monterey Bay Aquarium

Jellyfish are my no1 reason, for wanting to visit this aquarium in California. Aside from the fact it is located in California, along the Pacific Coast Highway and a place I desire to Road Trip! Monterey Bay has a magnificent array of jellyfish: Box Jellyfish, Crown Jelly, Blubber Jelly, purple striped jelly to my favourite the Aurelia Aurita. (Moon Jellyfish). Which I love so much – if I ever had another daughter, she would be named after these, in honour of my love for these multiple, blooming, pulsating marvels.

Fascinating facts:

  • Jellies are made of more than 95% water
  • Jellie tentacles are dotted with thousands of stinging cells to stun prey by injecting toxins
  • A jelly can shrink in size according to available food supply  Monterey Bay

The Kelp Forest

Aquariums of USAThis is the next thing in the Monterey Bay aquarium to grab my attention. One of the scuba dives, I really want to do in California, is to get out in a Kelp Forest but knowing what a scardey cat I can be, I thought a great way to acclimatise, is to see an amazing Kelp Forest in the Aquarium, whilst I am warm and dry – plucking up the courage to disappear beneath the depths!

3. The Georgia Aquarium. Atlanta

Ocean Voyager is the largest aquarium in North America to house Whale Sharks. It holds 6.3 million gallons of seawater.

 Georgia Aquarium

It’s at moments like this, when I am writing about a marine creature as amazing as a Whale Shark, I question whether or not there should be any, in captivity. Yet I know, if I pinch the words of Jillian Morris  Sharks4Kids Educator- “we need to emotionally connect with something, to care about it.”  and I know that we need to understand something to help us exist alongside it. That’s why I would like to participate in the Journey with Gentle Giants immersion program to achieve that guaranteed scuba dive with a whale shark.

When my children were younger – my husband and I would visit many aquariums with them, bringing to life in this way, our love of the marine world. Now we have learnt to scuba dive, Chloe is in the process of becoming a Divemaster and we long to spend more time in tropical waters exploring. Unfortunately – finances do not always allow for this!

4. The New York Aquarium

Now, I have a really lame reason, why I want to visit this aquarium and it is pure and simply because it is in New York. Located just off the Coney Island Boardwalk in Brooklyn. Sorry, its not to get down with the fishes…

5. New England Aquarium.

How about an aquarium visit with a difference. At New England aquarium you can get outside with nature and participate in the New England Aquarium, Whale Watch Cruise. The destination is Stellawagen Bank Marine Sanctuary – a rich feeding ground for whales, dolphins, sea birds and other marine life. You could see – Humpback whales; Finback whales; Minke whales; Pilot whales and the critically endangered Right Whale. Learning fascinating facts about these sea creatures, from the onboard naturalist trained by Aquarium experts.

New England aquarium

Photo courtesy of: New England Aquarium



6 thoughts on “5 Aquariums to Visit in the USA

    1. Hi there 🙂 It is definitely something I think about. Yet this has really grown, since my interactions with marine life has. Looking in the eyes of an octopus – looking intently back at me and observing it think – just in a different way- has been one of the most profound moments of getting under the water for me. It’s heightened my awareness of other ways of living and being and made me want to spend so much time scuba diving but alas time and money does not allow at present, as I am based in the UK for the time being. There is so much in the world to explore and there doesn’t seem enough time to do it. 🙂


      1. Yes me too… I went to the Galapagos once, in 2088 and since then my interest for taking care of marine life just grown even more. And I agree with you, I also would love to spend more time scuba diving, its an addiction… and in my case I live in Germany. Every time me and my husband have an opportunity we try to go to the sea 😀 and yes, the world is enormous and we dont have enough time or money to get to know it all 🙂

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