Would you Like to Encounter a Secret Garden

Groombridge Place

Would you like to encounter a secret garden and for a few moments enjoy an oasis of calm. Or are you on the lookout for the perfect wedding location, where you can drive across a moat which is shadowed by four huge Wellingtonia trees. They are related to the California Redwood tree and were shipped over from America to Britain in the 1850’s. 

Groombridge Place

Groombridge Place

If so, Groombridge Place has the very location, hidden within its walls.

Historical Houses

As the sound of running water caresses your mind, your eyes adjust in the shaded nook. For a few moments, you find yourself reveling in a quietly shaded environment, allowing your mind to relax and all the worries of the day wash away.

Groombridge Place

This was my experience when Vince and me popped along to Groombridge Place for a day out last Sunday. Our enthusiasm and interest initially stirred at the thought of visiting the very place we would take our children for a typical Sunday outing, plus picnic or on a school holiday visit with family and friends.

The walk up into the woods is steep in places and can be enjoyed with buggy or pram if necessary, but my advice would be to get them out and strap em to your back and enjoy being up in the trees, taking advantage of the tree swings and the fish feeding before clambering along the Boardwalk – where the kids will be challenged by tunnels and walkways, a rope swing and childrens zip-wire. If they are old enough.


As I walked through the wood this time, I noticed I now felt out of place – being there without my children and I eventually found myself enchanted instead by the well presented gardens and home grown peacocks, sauntering across the lawn. These are incredibly beautiful and if you can persuade them to splay their feathers – make a truly magnificent sight.

Groombridge Place

Groombridge Place

If you don’t fancy visiting on the weekend when it is busy and family orientated, then maybe you’ll be interested in the over 50’s 2 for 1 midweek offer, available until the end of July.

Whatever age and whenever you choose to visit Groombridge Place in Kent, trust that you’ll be in for a fantastic day out, as you overlook sprawling Kent hills and wander amid sweet smelling flowers in its well cared for gardens.

Groombridge Place kindly provided us with free tickets for our visit. 


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