Simple Pleasures

How do the words of the song go?

“Like walking in the rain and snow, when there’s nowhere to go.”

Life I’ve noticed has many simple pleasures.

After driving my daughter to work this morning, on my way home I watched two boys on a bike. One was sitting on the handlebars, whilst the other rode. I smiled to myself. A simple pleasure.

Walking through my local park – the clouds were showing off – as they rode the air. I stopped, watching in wonder at the reminder of nature and its creations.

Priory Park

It allowed me to think of other simple pleasures I’ve experienced over the years. One of the most recent being Sunday just gone – my nephew, my daughter, my son and his friend, were in the house with my husband and I. The night before there had been a BBQ. As I made their breakfast and they sat around chatting, I did the washing – washed up and as we all conversed, I felt happy. Another simple pleasure.

Visiting the Perhentian Islands was another moment. The heavens opened as we sat on this tropical paradise, off the coast of Malaysia, this was an opportunity not to be missed. I ran laughing into the ocean and the kids came to. As the rain bounced off the water’s surface, kissing our wet faces with its cold lips – we played, we laughed, we had fun.

Big Island, The Perhentians

Saturday was the summer solstice – I don’t live anywhere idyllic but what I do have is the Thames Estuary. Some days the water is muddy and cloudy and I wouldn’t want to swim in there. On other days like saturday evening, my best friend Lorraine (for over 30 years) and I were able to swim in the clear cool estuary water, as the sun gradually lowered in the sky.

Best FriendsHumour persisted and giggles interrupted our memory capture photo moment. To watch a group of young girls watch us, as we took selfies, had me wondering, what they were thinking as they looked on. It made me laugh. We spent time together – precious time which doesn’t happen often enough.

Summer Solstice

Learning to surf as a family was another simple pleasure, when we met our instructor Serena in Byron Bay – her laid back attitude and chatty nature enabled us all to relax and enjoy the moment, as we tumbled in the surf and pressed under the swell. I failed abysmally.

Learning to Surf in Byron Bay

Tobogganing with my husband in Switzerland after his heart attack. To spend shared time laughing and playing – this was so important to bring back some normality into our lives after this episode and we did that together.


Travelling with my family enabled me to have the most simplest of pleasures – that of being able to intertwine my freedom with my family.

Turtle Beach, Malaysia

I have met those, whom keep their lives guarded and kept away from others, shared with noone but themselves. –  Life is precious but to guard something so greatly and never allow a trusted other to step in and enjoy it with you, for even a few short moments, for me would  make life far less colourful. I love to share and am willing to share my life with others.

Otherwise – in the soulful words of the Black Eyed Peas – Where is the Love

What simple pleasures, have you experienced in your lives?

As always 

I’d love to know your thoughts…


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