20 Things Learnt During Long Term Travel

Travel Poster

Knowing when you need therapy and when to get out and see the world is part of the learning I’ve been able to encompass in my lifetime.

To contemplate leaving your home country, disconnecting and taking some time out for yourself. In my book is one of the best things you can do in a lifetime. Taking your children along for the ride-adds a whole different dimension to it, as they are in your care and it allows you to get to know yourself as a Parent, without societal inference.

They say (who is they again?) the world is getting smaller but it only takes a plane ride to remind you of the distance we all need to cover, to check out a new location or try something we’ve always wanted to do. Physical momentum is great for our health, wellbeing and our lives. Combine that with the mental stimulation arising from seeking and seeing new places, people, cultures and experiences on a daily basis and you have one healthy way to live as a human being. Returning to yourself at the end of each day, holds a reverence and respect for the sanctity of living and a reminder that we are mere mortal beings, as tiredness runs its fingers along our bones and weeps into our muscles. For me, the psychological and physical benefits of this way of living, are important in forming an enjoyable well lived life. Travel has taught me so much, I’d like to share a little of what I’ve learnt with you.

  1. Play is so important in life – it’s how we learn.
  2. It’s interesting to watch how animated a person becomes, when they are enjoying what they are doing.
  3. Friendships can be made with people of all different ages, not just your own.
  4. Becoming yourself is more important than being what others want you to be.
  5. Listen a lot to others and enjoy it when others are interested in listening to you.
  6. Consumerism, I believe, is caused by people not engaging deeply enough with themselves.
  7. Shopping is the human form of grazing.
  8. When on the move and not restricted by contracts and being nailed down by institutional commitments, a person will find they can deal with most things.
  9. It doesn’t matter how bad life gets – when the sun is shining it makes everything a little easier.
  10. Your senses will guide you true  – trust in them more and let your mind learn the accompanying lessons. 
  11. Swimming in the Ocean during a rainstorm, is a heavenly experience.
  12. Not all logic makes sense.
  13. Make Love whilst swimming in the sea. It is both blissful, and beautiful.
  14. Step out of your comfort zone – be guided by yourself but know when to step back in.
  15. The sights you see as you travel, encourage you to laugh a lot.
  16. The Outer Great Barrier Reef is fantastic but the catamaran ride there, ain’t so great!
  17. Travel reminds you of what it’s like to be free.
  18. Sunset and Sunrise are the two most beautiful times of day.
  19. Sweating naturally removes toxins from the body and drinking plenty of water assists it to be healthier.
  20. Physical movement is good for the Soul.

What things have you learnt as you’ve travelled?

As always,

I’d love to know your thoughts…

* loved the poster when I saw it on girlgoneinternational.com



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