Which Do You Prefer-Moving On or Staying in One Place?

Old Home

I’m sitting writing this post today from my new writing room (better known as a conservatory at the bottom of my garden.) I was loathe to leave my last little home – my bolthole. I looked it up, because inside I knew it was the correct word, before my mind even understood what I was talking about. “A place where a person can escape and hide.”  

I’ve been back in the UK for approximately a year. I’ve attempted to run my own street food business. It’s folded now but I learnt a lot about it – the fun of running your own business, the hard work involved – the challenges that come alongside it and I’ve learnt a lot about my desire to be self reliant. (Street food is a fun and interesting industry to enter.)

I’ve become a Ghostwriter and have walked through the external process that is writing another’s memoir and another’s life. Not dissimilar to counselling in the time and process allotted, yet at the same time very different. As well as the joy of writing my own, previous to this – Travel with the Strings. I’ve become a Driving Advice Blogger for A Pass 4 U – the owner has been a great help to me and I value his opinion when it’s offered.

My interest in the travel industry is growing and I find myself wanting to step deeper into it to learn more, understand it in depth, work within and connect with other Bloggers/Writers and Industry Professionals. I’ve experienced the world and now I would like to help others travel it, in their way, through my blog, travel writing, working as a Travel Specialist and connecting with other lovers of our planet, in many different ways.

How having grown a family and travelling has helped me develop an interest in food – understand the importance of what we eat – yet never lose the reality that life sometimes decides what will happen to us and in that we have no choice. No matter how hard we work or take care of ourselves.

Old home

I’ve also felt emotional this week, at leaving the space I’ve learnt to love. I need to process my emotions. I don’t want to hide or miss out on them, they are part of the colourful me and tell a person so much about what is important to them and how they are feeling in general. A life worth living, is one in which you get to know the whole self as well as the world and people around you.

Thames Estuary

The view from my bedroom window has been the expansive water of the Thames Estuary. First thing in the morning and last thing at night I’ve watched the big ships make their way slowly along its body of water. I’ve heard the fog horns sound and reverberate around my little home and I’ve enjoyed walking along the clifftops into town. Only this week partaking in a stroll along Westcliff seafront with my husband, as the rain drizzled upon our shoulders and we watched a seagull catch a crab for breakfast and further out a Cormorant dive for fish. For a moment I felt I was back in Kaikora, walking along the misty New Zealand beach close to the little town. I felt blissfully happy. Travel is my happy place. 

So you’d think I would have been happy to live somewhere different. Not necessarily so to start with. When I travel, I pick up my bag and move from one place to the next. I don’t have to think about furniture removal, carpet cleaning, wall washing, cleaning appliances, contract obligations or personal opinions.  I just get up and go.

spring cleaning

As the UK housing market changes, I’m sure the trend in furnishing a rented property will also. It is much easier to step into somewhere decently furnished and live there until moving on, without the consideration which comes with moving a whole house load.  It seems I have connected with the desire to travel through this life light. Hopefully the attitude of rental agents will change, as will the perception about people whom rent. The attitude in England can be at times moralistic and judgmental about this sort of situation.

house views

So now, once again I live within suburbia – surrounded by houses and neighbours. Both my adult children are at home with my husband and me. If I’m honest, finally we feel like a family again, in a proper family home.

Simple pleasures like a midnight swirl in the new Jacuzzi bath will be fun!

The clothes have been washed and are on the line, drying.

New home

The patio doors are open. I’ve sat in the sunshine with my nephew, chatting about life and growing up. I catch glimpses of my son with his girlfriend – my daughter pottering around and in a different way to walking along the shoreline, I feel happy.


Which do you prefer  – moving around or staying in one place?

Whichever – I’d love to know your thoughts…


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