Live, Die, Repeat

FlowersHow many times in one lifetime, do you think you arrive at the possibility to: Live, Die, Repeat?

Travel has a way of bringing the mystical and magical to life. On one level, on a very physical level, a person can view life as one complete cycle. We’re born, we live, we die.  I understand the fundamental and raw experience in this vulnerability of being human and living such a short, preciously held existence.

Living can lead us a little deeper into ourselves and outside into the world. Showing us a different reality, allowing us to return to living from an instinctual standpoint. It can create special moments, enlighten our soul and lead us to despair. We all have to find a way to live and travel can remind us to trust in ourselves and listen to the inner guidance that is born of an instinctual life.

The mind is to be grown, nurtured, developed and understood. Our issues are to be reflected upon, worked through and sorted out to ensure our way of being, is constructively beneficial to our lives. These are my thoughts.

When we first left the UK in 2007, the initial upending I experienced on our arrival to Thailand, whilst adjusting to the culture shock in Bangkok, led me very quickly, way down deep into myself. My head was spinning as my mind attempted to make sense of this strange land.  What was trustworthy and reliable were my instincts. Travel made them stand up straight like soldiers on parade.

Instead of listening to what my head was telling me – for the first time in a long while I was listening to what my instincts were reminding me, I had never lost.

Previous to this, I had been training, practicing and lecturing as a Counsellor. My mind had waited for a long time to be awoken with a deeper insight than anyone I knew, met or encountered, had ever shared with me.

Stepping into this arena illuminated my mind and expanded my intellectual, analytical and curious psychological world. Suddenly it was as if I could see clearer. The world appeared to me as if in 3D. I was fortunate to connect with the spiritual aspect of living. Yet as much as I grew and learnt emotionally during the four and a half years of my training. So I began to question my way, as those that were training me, at times questioned it also.

It was taking the time out to travel (my emotional world had taken such a battering that it needed room to heal), which enabled me to connect fully with the person I am and have always been and see that the way I live my life is ok. I became clear sighted.

My judgements-in the sense of having the ability to make considered decisions and come to sensible conclusions, are mainly solid and sound. Even if externally to others they may seem a bit odd!

So far, in the words of Frank Sinatra, singing My Way – “I have regrets but then again, to few to mention.”

Each time I travel I Live:

As I encounter new smells, new experiences, new questions and answers. People and cultures. I connect with childhood, natural living and wonder.

Each time I travel I die:

When certain aspects of my thinking fall away to dust and I understand a little more and realise in reality, I know a lot less. There is so much to digest when you step out of society and step into the world. It creates new boundaries, opens up unknown doorways and leads you out into unchartered territories within yourself. Connecting you with othersif you are willing to be challenged. My preconceptions both personal and societal shift shape.

Each time I travel I repeat:

I repeat the leaving ritual that leaves me feeling loved, as I walk away from all trappings of my societal living and step fully into my world. I repeat the airport routine I adore, in preparation of my flight and probably the most common one of all, I repeat forgetting to pop to the bank and withdraw funds in the currency of the country I am visiting. So, as my feet touch foreign soil, I am fundless until I can recharge my wallet.  I always wonder why both my husband and I do this.

How do you Live, Die and Repeat – when you are on your travels?

As always,

I’d love to know your thoughts…



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