How Do I Evoke Happiness and Freedom

“Clap Along if you know what happiness is to you” Pharrell Williams

Today I spent the morning looking at and learning about Marketing and Social Media. For the first time since I’ve started blogging, I had the opportunity to offer up my elevator pitch, in front of a group at a local business seminar. It wasn’t as easy as my head told me it would be!

Later I was asked what emotions I wanted to evoke, in those readers of my blog and the first two, which popped into my head were: FREEDOM and HAPPINESS.

Travel has played such a huge part in bringing freedom into my life and providing me with happiness – and being a person whom loves to share, I enjoy blogging about the experiences and what I have learnt, where I have been and what I have done. So if in only a small way, I am then able to help another as they think about travelling abroad, I have done some good.

I hope you too have felt as much pleasure in the planning and research undertaken. Deciding on which destinations to visit, before setting out from your homes and experiencing all that unfolds on the journey.

I am happy when I stand on the roadside and eat the most magnificent feast, freshly prepared and cooked in front of me.

Singapore Street Food

I am Happy when I am out in the world, finding my way, meeting new people and experiencing new places, cultures and activities.

Scuba Diving Tenerife

I am happy when I stand on the sandy shore of the Pacific Ocean and the tide roars in, nipping at my toes.


I am happy – when I travel anywhere with my Husband, Daughter and Son.

Chumpon, Thailand

I am happy when I hear my first ‘G’day.’ On  touch down in Australia.


I am happy when I stand on the little harbour in Picton, New Zealand and peer out onto the magnificent Marlborough Sounds.

New Zealand

And I am happy when I finally slip under temperate water and all I hear is my breathing in a regulator as I become a part of our underwater world, watching marine life glide gracefully by, as I fin my way along a reef.

Great Barrier Reef

So, If I pinch the words of this most wonderful song – which has brought such a huge  smile to my face.

I’d love you to…

clap along and let me know what happiness is to you?


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