Which Movies Inspire you to Travel?

Bernese Oberland Switzerland

When I was a little girl, I would sit curled up with my mother and together we would watch the Hollywood musical blockbusters filmed in the 1950’s. As I grew up, she would sing the songs to me that she enjoyed, sharing her love of the era, the actresses (Ava Gardner was her favourite) the clothes and elegant style of the time.

‘Just blew in from the windy city,’ was one of my favourites from Calamity Jane and I was lucky enough to visit the city myself and stand and sing the song on the Michigan Avenue Bridge, straddling the Chicago River.


As I grew a little older, I would lay on the sofa on a weekday morning, in the summer holidays and watch the Elvis movies playing on our old fashioned television set, as Elvis belted out the songs from Kissin’ Cousins, GI Blues and especially Blue Hawaii. It left me longing to visit this far off destination – add to this, my aunty on her return from the island, allowing me to wear her precious pink, delicate Lei (given to her when she landed on Oahu) and you can only imagine how exciting it can be to arrive, somewhere that you have wanted to visit, since you were 7.


Both Darwin and Bowen were locations used, when filming the blockbuster Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman and on one visit to OZ, we were fortunate enough to spend a few moments with some of the crew, who were in the local shopping mall. Our kids had a great time stalking them and asking about the stars on the set. There was nowhere for us to stay as the production company had rented out all the rooms in the little town. We just had to mosey on through.


The Remarkables Mountain Range, as shown in Lord of the Rings, was one of the few places I have visited, where I couldn’t believe what I was looking at was real. I truly thought I was staring at a Hollywood painted backdrop, each time I turned my attention towards its magnificence. Touching the rocks, didn’t even take away the feeling. Nor did taking a turn at snowboarding on the powdery white covering of snow on Coronet Peak.

The Remarkables mountain range

More Recently on our trip to Switzerland, as we wandered along the banks of the river Aar, it meandered through the 12 century old town and out into Lake Thun, surrounded by the Jungrau mountain range. As I basked in the sunlight of the winter sun, looking up to the chalets perched on the hillside, I was reminded of the movie Heidi.

Lake Thun

There are many places I have visited, which have reminded me of childhood movies – Champion the Wonder Horse, galloping an open plain as we made our way across the Sierra Nevada- Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, bouncing across the red dust of the australian outback to Casey Jones steamin and a rollin on the pioneering western railroads of good old US of A.

These technicolor treasures, have played a huge part in me choosing where I would like to travel.

I wonder, what movies and TV shows have inspired you to travel?

I’d love to know your thoughts…


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