I Remember When…

Reading about Lesley Carter’s adventures at Atlantis in the Bahamas with her mother, sister and daughter, yesterday brought to life memories for me of  English holidays, when my children were little. Unfortunately the enjoyment of my mum being around when the kids were growing up, was not to be.  Cancer first visited our family when our children were very small and before my first child was two, and our baby five months old, they had both experienced the loss of one of their nannies; my mum. One who loved them dearly.

As I write this I can feel the tears choke in my throat. As I sit next to my husband I don’t want to cry, but thinking about how much our children and us have missed them over the years, due to these experiences, can still trigger such emotions 18 years on.

We were fortunate to be able to spend more time with my Mother in Law, able to spend days and holidays laughing – getting to know each other and gradually build what I like to think of, as quite a close relationship. I would ask her, if she were here, if that is what she thought but alas cancer also knocked at her door before our children’s lives had reached double figures.

Reading about Lesley’s trip to Atlantis, allowed for our family holiday to Pembroke in Wales to bubble to the surface – mainly because there were so many of us. My brother in law Greg, his girlfriend Jini, their baby and her son. Vince’s step brother Mark, his wife and their baby. With our daughter also just a baby, I remember watching our son distinctly as he wandered round the little holiday home, naked apart from waste basket settled firmly on his head. At twenty not a lot has changed.

There was a wildness to Wales, choppy seas and squally weather- boogie boards out on the water a perfect addition to a tumultuous day and an exploration to St Govan’s Chapel, approximately 5 miles south of Pembroke on a blustery evening, meant we had our own mini adventure-a moment of freedom for us new parents.

Leaving the children behind with their grandparents, we explored the cliff top and descended the stone steps in the dark of the evening, that live their own fable. (No mortal being will be able to count them accurately) as both Mother and Father in Law cared for babies and toddler. I will always remember their laughter on our return at how they had been kept on their toes with them all. They had been through it all before – it was warming sense of love to come back to.

I remember my sister in law – just a teen at the time and her friend, who has recently given birth to her own daughter, being with us, as my cavernous mind explores its corners, searching for more happy memories to ponder on this rainy winters day.

Wales may not have been the ultimate sunny destination but with a wade in its waters and a trip to Lundy Island ( great to scuba dive) and with the right people, it doesn’t matter what the weather throws at you, you can still have a good time. “Right?”

I’d love to know your thoughts…



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