A Turning Point for Me in Tenerife

I returned from my trip to Tenerife with a different viewpoint.


Previously I had decided it held the worst of the tourist industry in the palm of its hand and was a place to be avoided in the future.

The one thing that drew me back was my memory of the Atlantic Ocean. Los Gigantes towering in front of me like a scene out of a Sinbad movie, as our catamaran cut through the clear water.

Now I have become a qualified scuba diver (albeit a scardy cat one) and am filled with the wonder of discovery and exploration of our underwater world. I remembered how the waters surrounding Tenerife had interested me on my previous visit and decided to explore. Although the weather had different plans for us.


On my arrival this time I felt a slight anxiety in my belly as we flew over, what looked to me like quarry pits, as we made our descent. 


Holding off judgement was extremely important here and I allowed myself to fall under the little islands charm during my stay and although it wasn’t all sunshine and flowers, the island does weave a magic of its own, as you climb and drive, dive and wander.

The natural side of Tenerife for me, showed the islands true beauty and the San Blas experience helped me to understand what I was looking at, had actually been shaped out of centuries old lava flows.

Both Flora and Fauna, man’s architecture and nature’s awe inspiring sunrises, brought out my fascination and a longing to know a little more.                                                                                           Tenerife is an all year destination but I would like to add to that. I found Tenerife to be an all round destination, if you look in the right places. May I suggest you start with San Blas    the all inclusive Sandos Resort and make your way out on your adventures from there.

I’d love to hear your experiences and find out any other great places to stay in Tenerife.

As usual,

I’d love to know your thoughts…

San Blas - Tenerife


4 thoughts on “A Turning Point for Me in Tenerife

    1. Hi Kelly,
      It was the worst weather the little island had experienced in 75 years! The muddy water in the second picture, only appeared whilst we were there. Normally it is bone dry. The earth in Tenerife is porous and normally it can absorb the rainwater but on the days we were there it was torrential and thoroughly amazing and engaging. Take a look at the video of the rain in the hotel. It will give you an idea of how heavy it was.


      1. For me, rain is okay as long as there’s no strong winds. Bad things happen when torrential rain and very strong winds combine. It’s a good thing you were safe in the hotel at that time. It’s not good to explore Tenerife during a storm or anywhere for that matter. For my part, I might have cancelled my cheap holidays to Tenerife if I will learn of bad weather.


      2. Hi Kelly,
        I do understand your viewpoint and I know bad weather can turn people off. Our break this time was about a little hotel indulgence so, we wanted to kick back, but we did venture out and it was a bit hairy. Experiencing one minute in glorious sunshine to ten minutes up the road and torrential rain could be quite intimidating when not knowing the roads. I felt at one point when we were driving up towards mount tiede on our last day, as if I were in a disaster movie, because of the eerie quiet that descended through the mist. All was ok though. Thanks for commenting!


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