Has the World Gone Ryanair?

“Death is not the enemy sir, Indifference is!
You treat a disease, you win, you lose.
You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome. Is this interesting?”      Patch Adams

New Zealand

Today I have consciously decided to start my reflection on how 2013 has been for me as an individual and one thing I have noticed constantly throughout, is that from the place I sit and purvey the world, it all seems to have gone a bit Ryanair.

Let me explain…

Ryanair seems to be one of those companies with an attitude of, “I can treat you how I like, because you’ll still use my airline.” It doesn’t come across that they care about the company/customer relationship or what the customer thinks of the airline. Because it doesn’t matter. The customer will still use it, however they are treated. That’s the type of mentality Ryanair seems to show as its public persona.

Over 2013, travelling within the UK and out of it – it seems that in my country of birth, relationships are losing their value and the above attitude is appearing in the workplace, shops, businesses and in relationships, now more than ever.

Could this be due to the culture that arises from a world anonymously building psychological but not physical relationships, with others in cyber space and across the airwaves. (When I was a kid, we called this having a pen friend.) This can be so much safer than engaging in a one to one/face to face human connection, where vulnerability can leave you feeling uncomfortable when showing another who you truly are.

Training via the web or as it could be called ‘independent learning’ is on the increase, yet I think there is a loss of human interaction going on and some companies cop out of investing properly in their workforce and resist building a strong and inherent foundation of knowledge and trust. Blagging-it seems, is the way forward for some.

So I think one of the things I will constantly strive to look for and assess in 2014, as I travel the world and continue to experience the UK in all its glory, will be those companies that offer excellent customer service as standard, listen to their customers needs – not just for financial gain but because they believe people are important. Are interested in their customers points of view and listen attentively to not just the positive statements but the complaints – building a constructive and solid way forward for one and all.

Focusing solely on positivity, leaves out a whole lot of learning for an individual and society. To be able to look at all constructively and view the learning as a gift – to my mind is far more beneficial.

So folks, what experiences have you had in 2013, that have encouraged you to sit up and review your world?

I’d love to know your thoughts…


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