A Lazy Walker’s Guide To Tramping in New Zealand: The Blue Pools

Kia Ora,

I found out that walking in New Zealand doesn’t always have to be about a three day tramp or a volcanic yomp. There are many short walks to be enjoyed as you spend time discovering, unraveling and travelling through both the South and North Lands of Aotearoa.

The idea expanded after spending time in the Country with a family not enamored with walking; travelling by road in NZ, gave us the freedom to explore the Highways – my Husband’s desire and enabled me to discover the flora and fauna I enjoy, whilst getting the kids out of the car to see what could be uncovered, discovered and explored, as we traversed the two islands.

If you take the time to stop, savour, and enjoy, you can combine these ambles with those in your party that may not get the same stimulation as you do from walking but don’t want to miss out on the spectacular nature that is the Kiwi countryside, tempting you to explore its diversity with unusual but aptly named places such as ‘The Mirror Pools,’ or ‘Pancake Rocks.’

The Blue Pools

Leading through a Silver beech tree wood, seemingly  straight out of a fairy story with their moss covered trunks, the walk starts at a car park just north of Muddy Creek; a great way to stretch the legs without taking all day about it.

Wandering through, walking on a gravely pathway, you will come across a wooden and wire tramping bridge enabling you to swayingly cross the Makarora River, this offers a stunning vista of the mountains of the Main Divide.

Not full to brimming, your first glimpse will be of the intense glacial blue water that the pools are aptly named after. Make your way down, the pools crystal clear and cold – a crisp clean freshness is in the air, as looking out in the deeper water, you can skim stones and catch sight of Brown and Rainbow trout.

For the more adventurous, carry on walking to the Young valley just twenty minutes west of Makarora, through the Beech Forest, spending time riverside.

This walk can be muddy in bad weather.

South Island, New Zealand

Where do you love to walk?

I’d love to know your thoughts…



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