A Tempting Taste of Thai Life

There are moments in travel when everything comes together – the music, the people, the lifestyle.

This short video was taken at a little coffee shop opposite the Tavee Guesthouse in the Dusit District of central Bangkok. 

On our last few days in this little part of the sprawling city, we began to mix with the locals, eat at the food market and trying tempting dishes bought from the street food vendors. They watched our faces intently, as we consumed the foods presented to our tastebuds – eager for a positive response.

The Coffee Shop owner shared with us oreos, ground coffee and freshly made Thai tea. Interested in providing us with the opportunity of trying something a little different, (served with a bucketful of smiles), which in some ways was very familiar.

As the american blues soothed our souls, I became aware of how, through the movies I’d seen in teenage years, my view of Asia had been formed and in this moment, sitting on a plastic stool on this tuk tuk travelled street, I realised it had presented an accurate portrayal and now  here I was, playing my small part in Thai life.

The combination of the type of music, smells (sorry I can’t share those with you!) the ongoing conversations, the busyness of people buying their food before going to work and the school children preparing for another day – brought Thai culture alive.

Where have you been when all the stars of travel, have aligned?

3 thoughts on “A Tempting Taste of Thai Life

  1. I was thinking about adding Bangkok to my 2014 list. Do you think it would be ok to travel there with Athena (19 months old)? Do you have any family-friendly recommendations?


  2. They love kids in Thailand, so where Athena is concerned, then yes, it would be fine. They are really kiddie friendly. Let me have a think about the places we went, get my head around seeing it through a youngsters eyes and I’ll let you know. 🙂


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