A Golden Tree Snake Encounter on Koh Tao, Thailand

The sun glistens, running sun kissed fingers across the water of Chalok Ban Koh. I’ve been in its aquamarine water, swimming naked. Making the most of the quiet time in the resort to daringly free my body from the confines of the swim suit I’m wearing. Striking out to the middle of the bay. I’m neither close to shore, nor near the boats. I’m with my husband. I’m free.

The feel of the water running over my naked body brings a depth of aliveness and fun. I feel naughty. I hold tight to it though. Not wanting the embarrassment of having to escape the waters without it.  Finally redressing, we swim back to shore, lay in the warm sunshine on the faded wooden sun loungers, atop the tide resistant concrete wall.

My eyes close, I relax. Happy in my secret.

Dozing in the warmth, I feel a gentle thump on my chest. I realise something has fallen from the tree I am laying under.

Instinct tells me to jump up. I feel a fluid gliding movement, as something moves across my body.

A Golden Flying Tree Snake has landed on me.

snake encounters. Koh Tao snakes. Golden tree snakes

Connor comes running over. We all stare in wonder at the stripy vertebrae slithering across the dust and grass, back to its tree.

Vince shouts, “take a photo.” Chloe clambers for her iphone.

I run to the dive school, wanting to share with the others the wonder of this reptile encounter. Encouraging them to come look.

The snakes dark alert eyes, connecting with ours. As if recognising its vulnerability as we surround it. Watching with awe, the up close beauty of such a creature as it evades our presence.

My thoughts turn to our other encounters whilst here.

A Preying Mantis – only the other night swaying to the sultry sounds playing in Easy Bar. Enchanting us with its temptress ways and hypnotic movement.

Preying Mantis, Thailand

The resident rat, previously seen before at sunshine in January, still running across the rooftops in the evenings and down the side of the bins.

The eye candy butterflies, fluttering by us in our resort as we sit upon our balcony in the cool and quiet.

The dragonflies caressing the breeze. The noisy birds singing their songs.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     gecko, thailand  The baby gecko sitting on my son’s finger. Found in the corner of his room, becoming a pal, before being set free. One of the things I enjoy the most when travelling, is the creature encounters had along the way.

The Golden Tree Snake landing on my flesh I will treasure as a special moment in travel. If I had been given the choice of holding it, would I have done so. No. I read up and found that it has a mild toxicity. Scary. I’d most likely have stayed away. I’m glad it happened the way it did. I feel blessed.

What wildlife encounters have you had through travel?


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