Hanauma Bay, Hawaii.


I’ve been reading the blog – Bucket List Publications – for a little while now. Enjoying the escapades of Writer/Blogger and Adventurer Lesley Carter. Getting to know her a little, through her words and pictures . Today I have been reading about her escapades in Hawaii through her post – Deluxe Morning Snorkel and Dive Cruise – and it reminded me of the trip my family and I made to the island of Oahu in Hawaii together.

Landing at Honolulu Airport was a real thrill for me. As an avid watcher of the 70’s cop show Hawaii 5 0, meant that on this trip, I was to bring to life one of my dreams.

Since watching Elvis star in Blue Hawaii and being allowed to wear my aunty’s Lei, brought back from her visit to the island when I was of junior school age, the island had always held a fascination for me.

Our hotel had been booked online – The Equss Hotel on Ala Moana boulevard in Waikiki, this proved to be the perfect boutique accommodation to spend our 5 day trip in. (It takes a lot of work to find accommodation suitable for a family of four and within the right budget, so be prepared to hunt around for the deals. It’s worth it.) Our hotel was situated just a couple of minutes from the beach and the location suited us down to the ground, providing a bustling arena, suitable for our children to explore without us being constantly present.  The beds luxurious and the rooms well decorated. Our children snuggled into Hawaiian living quickly.


As we only had a short time, we had discussed a few options of what we would like to do whilst visiting. Tempted to sit on the beach and sun ourselves, instead we decided to visit the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.

An interesting bus ride on the no 22 from Waikiki to the area  – with just one change. (Hawaii bus charges are very low and affordable. As a tourist and a family, it was a great way to chat with the locals and explore the area, cheaply.)

We walked down the slope to the entrance and into the first part of our visit. Starting with a talk about the preserve and what can be found in the bay, we made our way down to the beach.

Interacting with the knowledgeable volunteers on hand to offer information, advice and guidance before finally donning snorkels and entering the water.

So many people snorkel here, that even with good intent, there must be damage to the corals. This and the sea’s warming are having an affect on the environment.

I think now I am growing in confidence in Scuba. I would be interested in diving in the outer parts of the bay.

Where have you snorkeled in the world that you enjoyed?


2 thoughts on “Hanauma Bay, Hawaii.

  1. I have only ever snorkelled on the Great Barrier Reef on some outer Cays. Beautiful, beautiful experience, I saw sea turtles, sea cucumbers, clown fishes and obviously a myriad of corals and various sea life. I love the colours of the reef.
    Unfortunately here in North Queensland we are at risk of losing the beauty fo the Great Barrier Reef due to development along the coastline 😦


  2. Hi there – the undersea world is such an amazing place on our planet to explore. It’s a real shame if they develop and damage a part of your country that I know I was brought up to fall in love with. I have dived on the GBR, felt sad by the coral bleaching but in awe and wonder at the amazing eco-system it is.


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