Love On The Rocks


As we wizzed past the street food sellers, stray dogs running along the side of the road and 3 litre 4x4s that are used as taxi’s on the little island of Koh Tao. I found myself  enjoying the time my husband and I were having alone, riding a scooter along the main road through Sairee Village, on our way to visit the luxury boutique resort called ‘The Rocks.’

Our small budget establishment we are staying at is ‘Sunshine Divers.’ As we spend a little time here scuba diving – it stands in the perfect location, poised just in front of Chalok Ban Koh Bay, with a cooling breeze blowing across the golden sun, shimmering the surface of its aquamarine waters. This our second visit this year and proving a hit with our daughter as she completes her Rescue Diver training, on the little island she is learning to love.

As this is our third time here overall, I was interested to find out a little more about the other establishments to stay in. On researching via the internet before our arrival, I came across the intimate luxury villa resort ‘The Rocks,’ owned by Janine Dekumbis. After a couple of e-mails and phone calls Janine kindly let us visit her accomodation to find out what we might be missing.


On our arrival, after walking up the very steep hill to the accomodation (this is when one of those huge 4×4 taxi’s come in handy)  we were greeted by Chloe, the resort manager and our host for the visit. Nestled high up in the rocks I could see why some would view this as an idyllic location. Only a few minutes walk from the main road it felt secluded and private.



The view across the expansive ocean allows for a feeling of freedom and spaciousness. The cool dark tiles of the family villa, reduces the heat of the day. Bringing a tranquility to the surroundings. I looked with envy at the hammock and felt the desire to lie and swing myself to sleep on the coolness of the balcony, with the overhead fan whirring a gentle breeze on my face. Alas it was not to be as this was just a visit, but I felt myself sigh as Chloe continued to tell me a little about the day she and Janine stood where the resort infinity pool now resides and she listened to her vision, now well and truly brought to life.


Chloe also shared a little about her life on the island, taking her daughter to the beach and to the pool in Chalok Harbour at times after school. The only difference between us I thought, as her words took me back to the times I would pack my kids in the car with their friends and take them to our little beach in southend, is the glorious weather and tropical location that living on the little island of Koh Tao provides.

The resort phone a thoughtful tool provided for the guests, so their every wish and need could be accomodated. (Chloe is on call 24 hours a day) I thought it a good idea and I liked the idea of the breakfast served on the verandha by the very helpful and discreet staff in the mornings, after a quick flick through the breakfast menu.


As this was just a brief visit, we only had a few minutes to stand and absorb the poolside view, think about the knowledge the manager had of the restaurants and activities one could visit and do on the island, the secluded location and welcoming staff.

My last thought was ‘it must be a wonderful place to stay.’ As we made our way down the steep slope and back to our little home from home.


Have you stayed on Koh Tao, if so I’d love to know the place you like to stay the best?



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    Are you thinking of Booking your summer holiday and looking to spend some time in Thailand – if Backpacking isn’t for you, then how about checking out ‘The Rocks.’ Fabulous luxury Boutique Villas with fantastic views across the expansive ocean and island and its very own infinity pool. All set in a discreet and quiet location.


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