Scuba Diving – an issue of Trust…


As  we make our way back to the little island of Koh Tao for the third time, essentially for my daughter to continue her rescue diver training, along the road to her goal of  becoming a PADI Dive Instructor. My thoughts are turning to Scuba Diving – and having another go. I am an open water qualified diver, but the issue of trust burns within, when it comes to getting in and under the water.

1. Learning to Scuba Dive and going out on a new dive site with a guide, is an issue of trust, especially if you are fearful.

I haven’t actually met many Scuba companies that seem to understand how difficult it can be for a person who is afraid, (but would love to see the undersea world, thriving and/or surviving underneath the ocean waves,) to take the leap.

2. Is mentioning the fact you are afraid – the right route?

Not always – in New Zealand I felt and believed that I was treated with disdain by a small company because I had expressed my fear to them. Between us, there was a communication breakdown. I walked away from the experience feeling upset and a bit despondent.

Tasman 059

3. What to look and listen for in a company.

I’ve spoken to Natalie, the Course Director at Sunshine Diver’s – Koh Tao, about my fear. On my return, I’m going back to the pool, to see if I can build my confidence again. In speaking with her, she told me the route to follow, would be to have a one to one session and go from there.

I  completely bottled out of diving, the last time there.

One Instructor said: ” We all do it at some point.” I felt a little better then…

4. Keep trying, if it’s something you really want to do.

I’ve been under the water before, have dived on the Great Barrier Reef, off ‘The Beach’ in Koh Phi Phi and in the clear warm waters surrounding Koh Tao. Koh Phi Phi for me was the most amazing dive.

So I know I can do it.

But I also know all factors have to be together. My trust in the instructor/dive master. What they say and do is in line. Where we anchor is where they have said we will dive.

What I find most of all, is at times, those around you – including the dive master, do not understand the importance of what is said to you about your dive and their action that follows. Instead you can feel a nuisance and a pest for not ‘just getting on with it.’ Not an experience that anyone wants.

5. Take one small step.

I’ve decided not to have a huge goal of diving deep. I would just like to get back under the water again. Rebuild the lost confidence a little and hopefully go for a scuba dive with my family.


What activity are you fearful of having a go at?


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