A Night in Daly Waters


Our family road trip across the great Aussie Outback had began and already we starting to learn a little about the land of Oz. Finding out that The Top End, has two distinct seasons – Wet and Dry. Our desire to jump into its clear warm seas, was prone with danger. Namely Crocs in Darwin. Darwinians (my apologies, if the term is incorrect)  we came across were mostly friendly, informative and chatty.


There were so many interesting stops that we had already found. Kakadu National Park, Yellow Water Billabong, Bitter Springs, Thermal Pools and giant termite mounds to name a few –  Finding out our next night’s accommodation came with a little history behind it:

  • 1862 John Mcdouall Stuart was the first man to cross the continent from south to North.
  • A telegraph pole dating back to 1878 was found in the bust and erected outside the pub in 2009.
  • During World War Two, Daly Waters played an important part in the protection of the Northern Australian Coastline.

We just happened to be looking for a place to stay for the night – saw the sign from the highway, made our way off the main road and found ourselves in front of a sea of purple bougainvillea.


DSC01229The pub was heaving – the only room available,  a budget room. Comprising two beds and a ceiling fan – with paper thin walls, through which we listened to the music in our tired state, lulling us off to sleep with each strum of a guitar string. Pushing  the  beds together to accommodate the four of us, our littlest sleeping in the crack. Although not great, it served its purpose for the night.

The Beef and Barra BBQ was in full swing, as other visitors sat enjoying the music and melodic folk singing.

Yet I didn’t like it.

Do I know why, a little.

Maybe it was seeing all the bras hanging around the bar. One of the things that gave the pub its identity. Highly likely because to me, it seemed it was one of those venues that was used for backpackers piss ups.  Just not my scene.

But I couldn’t fault the food, the welcome or the hospitality of the staff.

The pool area a welcome place to sit for us and as open until 10pm. A great place for the kids to burn off their in car energy. The food decent and parking easy.

Although Daly Waters wouldn’t be a place I would choose to visit again – a lot of visitors obviously like it.


P.S.  The local green frogs in the toilets make for interesting companions to your ablutions…

Have you visited Daly Waters – what are your thoughts about it?


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