Life Can Be Cruel

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” 
― Dr. SeussHappy Birthday to You!

Every now and then there is a moment that comes upon me, when a realisation pops in and although I think I already knew it, it’s like I get it on another level.

Life can be cruel, was one of those moments – when I became aware of the callousness of life as well as all the wonders it beholds. Yet, I have found throughout my life that the experiences I have, seem to balance out – there is good and bad, light and darkness.

Although I have a preference  – doing what I want is always preferable to doing what is needed and feeling all is wonderful with life, positive and amazing is better than feeling things aren’t going my way and I’m stuck in a place I don’t want to be.

Travelling through life happens on all different levels and life can be lived in many different ways.

Whether it be:

  • Physically through travel, where all the senses are being stimulated.
  • Existentially  – where I am exploring life and the reality of it, as I live it.
  • Emotionally – as I experience, observe, understand and correlate the changes in relationships, within and around me.
  • Spiritually – where I realise that life is unfolding on a different frequency and dimension than of my physical being,


  • Cognitively – when I am able to correlate all information taken from what is above, assimilate and digest the learning.

The one thing I know for sure, and which keeps me grounded through all the uncertainty, is that ‘I’ am never changing, all the while I am ever changing.

What is never changing and ever changing in you?


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