No Hope in Niederried…

“You’ll catch me if I go too fast, won’t you?”  Trustingly I turned to Zoe.

“Of course,” my friend responded.

Looking down the white slope, adjacent to the garage outside our chalet, I caught a glimpse of Lake Brienz, its Alpine turquoise waters, invitingly chilly, but infinitely desirable. Cosily situated at the base of the mountains, cotton wool clouds hung above, as if held by invisible string.

Just in front of us stood Niederried train station, situated closer to the shore of the Lake. The coldness of the December air drying my throat, as I prepared for the first time, to attempt to ski outside our chalet with its sunny south facing position, overlooking its very waters.

The slope I discovered was more ice than snow, but already I’d pushed off. Immediately my legs splayed underneath.

I was out of control.

Pleadingly my eyes connected with Zoe’s, as I raced towards her. Trusting that she would reach out and stop me, as previously indicated.

On closer inspection, the look of mirth on her face told me different. Jamming my ski poles into the hard surface below, I tumbled to a stop in front of her feet.

“Thanks,” I giggled.

In her merriment words eluded her.

” I think that’s enough for me.” Kicking off the skis, I scrambled to my feet, dusting off the clinging particles of snow sticking to my hired salopettes.

“What’s next?”

The children looked at me expectantly…

Grab an opportunity to spend Christmas this year on the turquoise shores of Lake Brienz at one of the apartments owned by the Schwizi’s, spend some winter fun tobogganing in Grindlewauld, skiing on the slopes or touring the area to well known tourist stops such as the Giessbach Falls.Giessbach Falls, near Interlaken.

Staying in the Schwizi apartments overlooking the sparkling lake from the balconies attached to the main bedrooms and living room enabled us to breath in the refreshing swiss air, as we enjoyed a weeks break in the area.


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