Step out of Society and step into Road Schooling your Kids

Learning with your kids can be one of the best ways of road schooling

Find an activity that none of you have done before and all would like to try.

We choose Scuba Diving @ Sunshine Divers on Koh Tao


Our love for the ocean and its marine life, cementing the desire to learn something to do with being on, in or under the water. Observing the world from a different perspective, our desire.

Check out the resort before committing to a course, ask about their group sizes, who their instructors are, how they are trained, even get to meet them first. When it comes to my children I have always found I ask a lot of questions, making up my own mind about what is right for us.  The larger resorts felt more like a dive factory from my perspective.  As a family we desired to learn together, in our own group and found at Sunshine, this could be accommodated.

koh tao

Our Instructor treated us as individuals as well as a family.

In his words and actions he quickly built trust in us as our Instructor. Enough so, for me to hand my childrens learning over to him willingly.

What I learnt as a parent, was that when my children are engaged as whole people in their education – when it incorporates not just their minds, but their hearts and soul, they learn quickly, with enthusiasm and interest.

koh tao 2What would you like to learn with your children?

 Bottom Photos by Chloe Stringer

2 thoughts on “Step out of Society and step into Road Schooling your Kids

  1. Love the way you added that you ask alot of questions before deciding what is best for your family.
    Every family is different and they need to make the right informed decision that suits them best.


    1. I think it’s a really important thing to do, especially where scuba diving is concerned. My family are precious and important, worth the extra time and effort it takes, when doing an activity like this together.


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