Which painting depicts a moment in your life?

Munch_320pxLaying in the bath the other afternoon, singing Disney songs to myself and replaying  movie clips in my mind (like you do).  I relaxed in lavender bath soak bubbles.

This is a place where, when there is no other time in the day, I find  space for the creative side of my mind to come to life…

In just a moment as I lay underwater, I became aware of my hands. Positioned either side of my face.

The painting  ‘The Scream,’ by Edward Munch popped into my head.

I thought about the changes that have taken place in my life, what I am attempting to achieve and the age I find myself stepping out into these changes. The anxiety I feel at times when attempting to achieve my goals, what I want out of MY life, in relationship with my Husband and from being a Mother, combined with the acknowledgment of looking forward and seeing old age in front of me, rather than Maturity. 

Living life fully can sometimes be scary but what other choice is there and as I always say ‘escape the problem, by Being the solution.’  An adage I live my life by.

Which painting depicts a moment in your life?


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