Today I observed the bookshelf in my new home, experiencing a deep feeling of satisfaction, as my eyes rested upon it.

‘Strange,’ I thought. ‘How can something as simple, bring out such a strong  sense.’

Then I took a moment in the quiet, running my finger along their binds, solemnly standing in line, waiting to be caressed or chosen.

I  smelt the creamy off-white paper, observed their dog-eared corners. At different moments in time, I’ve picked up one or another to read: chapter, paragraph or even the whole darn thing.

These books in their way represent my life – the New Zealand and Australia Guidebooks, ‘Committed‘ by Elizabeth Gilbert, my favourite Writer. My newest additions ‘The Lifeboat’ by Charlotte Rogan, ‘Vow,’ by Wendy Plumb. Alongside sits my daughter’s cupcake cookbook, bringing alive many happy moments when aprons were covered in flour.

My Husband’s glasses, his shark book, remind me of a vow to still keep, sitting neatly on the end where he last left them.


One box, a precious keep sake from my long dead Father. The Salvador Dali art book which at times would bring such creative inspiration to my paintings and clay work – On Becoming a Person by Carl R Rogers, a book which I love to use as a tool at times, when working my way through life’s difficulties and issues – the insight of the author held highly in my estimation, especially through the time of my training as a Therapist.

In one small way, this bookshelf is a representation of our little family, our interests and cannot be replicated by a kindle or any other type of book reader – as no technological advances could re-create for us this tiny part of family living – adored and cherished, languishing within our kitchen, where so much of family life is spent.

And I wonder, what do you have on your bookshelf?


6 thoughts on “Bookshelf

  1. Too many books! Thank God for the Kindle! No seriously you tend to hang onto books just in case you might need them one day. You might only read them once unlike a record or a CD which you will no doubt listen too again and again. But books are a kind of statement about yourself and are comforting in some way. They say a lot about the person – not just their interests, but also their personality. A house with no books about tends to lack a soul, I say.


    1. Thanks for your opinion Mark – I have a few books that always remain and some are ever changing, much the same as me. Ever changing and never changing. Have a great weekend! 🙂


  2. I’d have to agree with you on books; I couldn’t imagine my house without the numerous bookshelves, some with books I hardly ever look at, but I know contain such beauty. I was actually searching for reviews on the book “Committed”, after seeing it’s to be featured, along with an interview with Elizabeth Gilbert, on the Book Report radio show this weekend. Believe it or not, I still haven’t read it, after mixed talk from various friends rating it either good or disappointing. I think I’ll just have to decide for myself.
    So good to see there are others who love the actual physical book as much as the tale to be told! Keep up the bookshelf. 🙂 Oh, and if you are a fan of Gilbert, go check out the schedule for the show (bookreportradio[dot]com) or catch the archived show online next week.


  3. Hehe…the ones I tend to read most are the self-help (I never seem to finish them, so go back and start again months later!) Also love going through my garden and patio books for inspiration. As far as novels go, Captivating is a favorite, The Alchemist, Terry Pratchett, the handful of SARK books I have and I never tire of reading the Narnia books to each of my kids as they get old enough. I won’t mention a certain historical romance author (KW) who I used to frequent for mindless reading…thankfully, I seem to have passed that phase in my life! 🙂


    1. Maybe you always find a way to help yourself…
      With my children my favourite author was Shirley Hughes, I loved reading her books to my kids.
      Where Elizabeth Gilbert is concerned I enjoy hearing her voice in her books, like the way she uses research to assist her writing.
      As a Writer myself, in a way I explore writing through her books – if that makes sense. Loved Eat pray Love, have enjoyed committed and enjoy her articles as well. I learn from her, in my own way, I suppose.:-)


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