The Place You Long to Be

Where in the world have you travelled or even not been too, that you long to be?

So many destinations in our world, provide us with the opportunity to take a short city break – especially if you live in Europe, love to shop or just want to be able to make the most of those £15.99 Ryanair flights to somewhere obscure. A cheap chance to discover and uncover somewhere different, explore somewhere new.

 Or grab the opportunity of a round the world ticket and hop from Asia to the Pacific.  Sri Lanka to Delhi can be done with travelling through Singapore to Bangkok for under £800 a flight. Consider a ticket to V music festival costs upwards of £175 for a weekend, before food and booze, then that ticket price begins to look really reasonable.

My Husband says “I can live anywhere.”

I am different. As much as I love sun, sea and white sandy beaches, long-term I need a different kind of stimulation.


In all the countries I have travelled, there is only one place that seems to pull out from inside  me a desire to put down roots. Picton in New Zealand, nestling at the top end of the South Island in the Marlborough Sounds. Every time we visit ‘I could live here’ pops in and I feel a calm descend upon me, I feel free.

Would it last if I actually did – who knows, but I wouldn’t mind trying.

 Here are a few tips:

  1. As I’ve said before ‘escape the problem, by Being the solution.’ By this I mean, work out what you want, where you would like to go. if you don’t know, just stick a needle in the map and try something or somewhere different.
  2. Work out, if what you want is a holiday, a bit of travelling, or even a combination of the two. Tailor make it to your requirements, it will take time and research but will be worth it in the end.
  3. Learn what interests you – be open to yourselves and not just your surroundings. See what feelings and thoughts a place pulls out of you
  4. Give yourself time when you return to reflect on your journey, absorb any new learning or realisations you have arrived at.

I always say the best way to move forward is to reflect backwards, whilst living in the present.

Where do you long to be?


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