Hard work, Determination, Courage, Trust, Support and a whole lot of Love.


Take a look at the video above.

From my point of view these are the vital constructive ingredients for creating, building and living the life you want.

Here is a young man who at 20 is living life his way, mentoring others along the way and working hard to build the life he wants, working hard to get results, taking the setbacks and knock backs head on.

The World should be proud to take note that young men like this one, is stepping up, stepping out and going for it.

Oh yes – and his my Son….

Connor Stringer


5 thoughts on “Hard work, Determination, Courage, Trust, Support and a whole lot of Love.

  1. How awesome! You must be proud of your son for pursuing his dreams. The post title can go the other way too. My family (yesterday, my son) have offered the same support to me as I pursue a lifelong dream! Family love and support combined with determination and courage make a great recipe for success! Nice post.


    1. Thank you Karen – we Home Educated our teenagers in the UK after travelling the world and experienced quite a bit of prejudice from our peers and Society, because of what we thought and felt was needed and necessary at the time. For me, as his Mum, it makes it even more sweet to know that Connor has persevered with something he loves despite setback – he only returned from a knee injury at the start of this year but is an inspirational and motivational young man.


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