Sun Arise

Sun Arise

The dawn is coming upon us now, just a few hours sleep as the flight from Singapore to Sydney only seven hours long and although we left late, we have made up time and now will be landing earlier than expected. So much to do in such a short space of time; we taxi down the runway and the exhilarating feel of this huge hunk of metal taking off, fills me with joy.

A while ago I was terrified of flying – but have always done so, as the thought of not going anywhere or having to always drive huge distances or travel by very expensive boat, never seemed a viable option to me – especially for one who loves to travel and experience new things so much.

I think with my Counsellors hat on( and believe me I do put it on and turn to assess myself on many occasions) that there is a lot to be explored from the point of view, that previously, I have loved the exhilaration of take off and landing but have found the in-between time, when the trust has had to be in someone other than myself, be it man, machine, God or Life, very difficult.

So, I would hand the children over to my husband on the flight, put my headphones on, engage when necessary, then support myself through every tiny bit of turbulence and change in engine sound to get me through it.

This time though, something has changed – not totally mind you, but enough for me to enjoy being in-flight, revel in having someone else bring me my food and indulge my love of movies for the extreme amount of time we are in the air, partaking in the occasional glass of dry white wine or an enjoyably sweet Jack Daniels and Coke.

As we fly into the Australian morning – Rolf Harris decides to perform inside my mind “Sun Arise.”   I hear the deep earthy sound of a didgeridoo, as the first word pops into my head,

Sun Arise…

and this time I feel in a deeply personal way, it has done.


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