Push Your limits/Know your Limits


In life I have experienced pushing my limits: learning to scuba dive, travelling the world with a family; abseiling tall buildings. Uncovering what was beneath my (incredibly un) cool exterior and connecting with the unknown terror lying below.

What did this give me?

 It gave me the ability to face my demons – take on a few personal challenges and step fully with awareness into the forefront of my life.

Therefore recently, when I had a completely different experience, I felt challenged to Know my Limits.

Once again opportunities appeared offering me the chance to challenge my limit,s only this time I knew, this quest was about accepting them.

Without one – I don’t believe I would have experienced the other…

I find throughout my life, balance is never far away from my door, as I experience polar opposites in circumstance, place, travel and learning – by allowing my mind to find its fulcrum of understanding, I then seem to unconsciously assimilate the information, enabling me to move forward in life.

 Do you know when is the time to push and when is the time to wait?


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