Dare to Dream


In this day and age of structured learning – which is being introduced at the youngest levels in our societies – whether it be through foundation classes of formal education in nursery schools through to fun clubs, such as football classes for the under fours. I wonder if future generations will have the ability to think outside the box and endeavor to create their own future as regularly as the creators of the past have.

Do you Dare to Dream – and if you do, are you able to accommodate the existential anxiety that may arise from the very freedom you desire or would you rather remain within the safety of  a structured environment to live your daily life.

What do you choose?


4 thoughts on “Dare to Dream

  1. Great question. The clincher is, comfort and security are very hard to give up. Living my dream is my goal, and i’m inching closer to the idea of being okay with anxiety that will surely arise on occasion with my newly chosen path.


  2. Oh yes, I do so dare to dream! I have manifested many of my dreams with the sheer belief that I am capable, it’s doable amd I deserve. Even in the darkest of hours, there must be room to dream.


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