One ordinary Woman

A thought popped into my head today about being an ordinary woman, and I wondered about other women’s (or even men’s) views on the topic.

I love travelling seeing different places in the world but in this day and age to be anything exceptional am I expected to leap tall buildings in a single bound (sorry Superman) or travel the world alone for a year, or even accomplish something at a younger age, than any other woman has ever achieved. To be extra – ordinary do I truly have to ‘compete’ and I use the word consciously, with others to be exceptional.

There have been many women I have met in my lifetime that I believe to be truly exceptional, maybe not for their physical abilities – they may not have climbed Mount Everest or rowed the Atlantic –  yet their extraordinary attitudes to the difficulties that arise within their lives, how they cope with the situations and predicaments they find themselves in and the inventive ways in which they use themselves to enable their daily living to continue, brings forth in me a desire to salute them.

In this I include my close friends whom I cherish and hold dear.




I can name three women who live their everyday lives, quietly going about their business, that I know in their own way and in their own worlds are extra-ordinary…

Can you name three?


3 thoughts on “One ordinary Woman

  1. Very true, unless you are a, Self made millionaire, Antarctic expedition leader at 15 or have sailed the entire world single handed in an hour,(all exceptional talents) society will tell you, and everyone else that you are not worth you salt…
    Don’t entertain them, you are more… I say F*** society and follow yourself…


  2. May be life experience and many mistakes I have made over the years. I don´t care what people think or say, I am friends with people I respect and enjoy, only. As older we get, the chances to live and enjoy are brighter and easier. I am an ordinary Woman.
    ¡Best wishes for ORDINARY WOMAN!!


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