Life through a different Lens

So, I’m sitting sipping my coca cola light as the tide in Chalok Ban Kao on the little island of Koh Tao in Thailand, gradually recedes.

My thinking turns to the conversation that I have been having with a local Dive Master here, as we attempt to uncover the mystery surrounding the training involved: its costs, time needed and what amount of money a ‘farang’ may need to make the transition from Fun Diver to Dive Professional.

The milky sandbars are exposed and a few holidaymakers snorkel the shallows, making the most of the cooling water on their sun oiled skin as they hunt for local marine life around the islands natural boulders. The weather is humid and hot – I love the heat but hate the humidity, it affects the drying of my clothes as does the damp of winter in the UK and I begin to consider life through a different lens.

There is no denying that the pull of blue skies and the outdoor lifestyle is appealing to us westerners ,but on reflection I recognise that although the island may look idyllic, it too has its challenges the same as my home, they are just different. I realise that to train here you have to fund yourself, put a roof over your own head, work out how to budget and how you are going to pay for your training, and suddenly our lives seem very similar and I question my preconceptions of living this kind of life.

Once again my understanding develops a little deeper as I am left wondering what other similarities I will find along the way.

What preconceptions do you have when travelling through life, either home or away?



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