5 more tips for long term travel as a family

  • Although there is no pay, there will be many times on your journey when you realise you are working, in an effort to extend the finances as much as possible, gain good value for money, organise as much as possible with all individuals in mind, so make the most of the down times.
  • Relationships, whether with a place or person has to deepen or you leave.
  • Experiences like long-term travel connect you very quickly with who you are,  it reminds you of your value in different cultures and ensures you reassess yourself, accept yourself, and reflect yourself truly at different times, it encourages  you to become pragmatic.
  • Make  sure somewhere in your belongings you keep a letter about who to contact if anything happens to you, leave the name, address, phone number, remember to put in the overseas dialing code, so that the number can be  used easily. Include the Country’s Embassy Number, if your children are old enough. Let them know what to do if anything goes wrong
  • Being out of culture and country gives rise to many things stored in the psyche. Be prepared.



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