5 Top Tips on long-term travel as a Family


Travelling with a family, especially when leaving  a structured western culture, a few things can be done to make the start of the trip and the adjustment to leaving the family home and community built way of life a little easier. Here are 5 of my tips.

  • A good way to say ‘hasta la vista’ to friends and family is to organise a charity night – where you can all get together, say your goodbyes, let everyone have your blog and/or e-mail addresses, printed on business cards of course – to keep them close, earn a bit of cash for a good cause and have a lasting memory of a fun goodbye combined with a touch of philanthropy.
  • Evening/Night flying – the parental friend. When traveling long-haul with children, booking a late afternoon flight can bring the excitement of flying to them, but also as the evening draws on and as the kids relax to sleepy time,  it means you can too.
  • Book somewhere for the first couple of days when you leave the UK – culture shock can hit, especially when in a continent as different as Asia.  The internet, a great tool, handy for the bargain savvy – especially when in Thailand. When removing a family completely from their culture somewhere definite for the first couple of days to lay your heads, a good thing in this initial period of re-orientation. KT Guesthouse – £22 per night, for a family of four – a bargain.
  • Use sightseeing as  a way to break your family in gently when stepping into an  incredibly different culture, it provides structure to early daily living  if needed, after having been at school and work everyday, the slow intro allows for the long-term adjustment.
  • Travel can reach in and drag out the desire to explore existentially and philosophically whatever comes to mind and is experienced; go with it. It encourage your children to have their voice, their experience of adjustment when being taken  as a family on the road.

5 More tips to follow on the next blog…


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